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10 January 2005



Yes, you can! I've done it! Short rows with cables take a little more concentration because you have to purl back across and sometimes you have to cross your cables on a purl row. But if you just put the cable needle in the opposite direction of the knit rows it will be just fine. And maybe I'm weird, but I don't really mind the "darts" you get with short rows, but you'll need to experiment a little to figure out exactly where they'll go and how they'll affect your pattern. Like an above commenter said, if you're only wrapping one stitch per row you can probably get away with short rowing between the cable crosses which will make the dart nicely centered in the pattern and it won't interrupt things.

I hope some of that makes sense...


I was (still am) worried about the blaze and moi boobage. I'm very small boned, so am concerned that a 38 inch sweater may give me too much at the neck. That being said, the blaze allows for more closure at the top, if desired. Plus, the cable is just a four stitcher and is kind of a rib, so there is a bit of give, unlike more complicated cables, like an aran. Maybe you should see how mine turns out. It's really fun.

And it's hard to explain the boob drape issue, but believe me, I understand.


Have you thought about cardigans? I'm a C, so I don't really know from experience, but it seems as though you would have a lot more control over how you wore a cardi, and wouldn't have to mess with the design.


ok I can help with some of this as I have knit for the best friend who is also a double D (I myself am a paltry B, anywhoo), dunno about the zig zags but prepare thyself as short rows leave a visible dart, but perhaps try ignorning the patterning on those stitches? Hard to explain but as you are really only wrapping one stitch per row it might not be too obvious (swatch it first).

as to number of short rows, go to white lies desig nand look at the free pattern for the shapely tee in there is a stitch to cup size guideline


If you email Jenna, who designed the pattern, I'm sure she'll do what she can to help you out. she's in my knitting group, and she's used to having to design most of her own things, because she's TINY, and i'm sure she'll do her best to point you in the right direction. I think you can probably get her contact email off the Knitty pattern?


I'm sorry I can't help you - but I'll be looking forward to the answers you get. I, too, am cursed, I mean blessed, with largesse in that area. Good luck!

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