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19 April 2005


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My head is filled with mucus for the moment, but I will come back to this. I'm sure the information you've given us is clear, concise and tremendously helpful to those of us with boobs.

As soon as I can breathe, I'll read it again. Thank you!


I'm an absolute twit about anything vaguely complicated, but short rows make sense to me. Of course the fact that I destroyed the rest of the garment has nothing to do with anything (I blame the ball bands) Congrats, and welcome back to knitting.


I love shortrows! I think that you've got it now.


I'm a big fan of short rows (the Shapely Tank from White Lies Designs is a good short row intro) and think you discuss it well here.


that was very enlightening, thank you!
I did a collar with short rows once, following a pattern,and loved it, but i never stopped to figure out how to customize.


Holy Shit, I get it now!!!!! Been trying to wrap my head around short rows for almost a year now. Thanks


I wish I could help, but I'm lost. Still searching for a local knitter or knit shop that can add to my knowledge, or lack there of. Good Luck with the short rows.

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