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18 November 2005


Mo Barger

ooh Maureen. From one Mo to another, I think you picked a loverly name. :-)


Oooh, nice crimp, bebbay.


Seriously, the deflated bosom (somehow that spelling doesn't look right, oh well) doesn't strike me as tragic at all. It just looks like pre-Juno-putting-it-on. If that makes any sense. If not, blame it on the all-day seminar sucking out my brain.


Truffle looks like something we fixed in the OR. Love the shot of the crimp. Is that a kinky thing to say?


Oooohhhhh, lucious is what Mo looks like! What a gorgeous fleece that is!!


I LOVE Sundays like that... ones where you kind of shock yourself when you pass a mirror, but don't really care because you're comfy and its WOOL and the day is about the WOOL and the comfy... yeah... LOVE those days.

Did you get the Truffle? I am 99% positive I have it if you still need it. I could send it with N. if that would be easy - I'll see him on Monday. Just let me know.


Oh, Maureen. What an elegant-looking merino. And clearly a lady--look how clean. Merinos are usually caked with black grime. You'll have to tell me the shepherd's name. But not now, because I am in a state of weakness and that would be Bad.

You're gonna have to wash the hell out of Maureen, so you might want to wait unitl you return. Merino has some hard grease.

I like your therapist. Is she taking new clients? Hmm, maybe I can start quoting her to support my own wool-hoarding tendencies. Now there you go, quoting someone else's therapist to support your own addictive behavior. Hmm.


What JoVE said.


That picture DEFINITELY looks like a sheep's head--Carole beat me to it. It all looks just lovely . . . maybe one of these days I'll try the raw-fleece thing again . . . but then, my combs and I didn't really get along that well.... I have to keep reminding myself of that!


Yummy wool. How about water balloons for blocking sweater bosoms? :D


Where's Mo from? (Looks like a covered fleece... Nummy.)

I thought you were pinning straight into a wood floor, but I see in the original-size photo that you are pinning into a wood-looking mat?

Rachel H

I see nothing lame or uncool about your fleece-loving wool-hording ways. That may just be because I'm working my way up to them, but hey, I'm good with that.

And Truffle, even with deflated bosom, looks gorgeous. And, um, sooo... do we get a picture of the Sunday look?

 Lee Ann

Did you get a drumcarder, by any chance?

I think you should build an addition onto the house, by the way. A wool studio. :-)

Laura J

And what crimp. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yum.


Deflated bosom. Heh.


Silkroad does come in DK. Stephannie (and she knits too) test knit Eris in it. Oh. you probably didn't want to know that.

Your Sunday attire took me back to when I first started at University. My roommate and I NEVER got dressed on Sunday until about 8 p.m. when we had to go out to play broomball (weird Canadian sport played in sneakers on ice; lots of fun).

I'm with your therapist. Embrace what makes you happy. (then you might not need the therapist and free up cash for wool)


No wonder you love and name the fleeces (fleeci?) They have personality! Truffle is going to be beautiful and I'm betting she'll fit fine.


You do know that the picture of Mo looks like a real sheep's head, right? You did that on purpose, didn't you? Damn, you are clever. Don't make excuses for doing what you love, just do it and enjoy it.


I covet Jo Sharp DK wool. You don't understand. I have about 40 balls of this stuff, not to mention about 5 completed projects worth already done. I even paid airmail from Australia for 10 balls of a sapphire blue that was never released. Yeah, I spend my lunch money (and rent money) on wool. Bite me.

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