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26 October 2006



Great haul, Juno! As usual. I was trying to find a site for the pink merino felt shoe liners, but I couldn't? I'm not sure how that is possible, but I tried a few different searches. Google has let me down again. (I'm not exactly computer literate). So, could you please tell me the site if there is one?



Beer socks?! Tee hee hee hee. Of COURSE you bought it.


It was great to meet you (however briefly) on Saturday. To all who did not get to touch the buffalo/cashmere/silk...so sorry. It is incredible stuff!

Lisa Grossman

A straight-up no, indeed! I've been losing sleep over the lack of sizing-adjustment info in that sock kit. I'm working to update and correct patterns as fast as I can, but we just didn't have that part together in time for Rhinebeck. So please drop me a note if you need me to work up a size-12 version for you!


Moderation is overrated...


What a stunning wheel! Skaska is out here in CO, and they are dangerous. In the nicest way.

denny  Mcmillan

Am in love with loom still can't talk


That's my kind of moderation, baby.


Love. that. wheel. Shit, for a show that only comes around once a year, I think you did pretty good! Moderation be damned!


Oh my word, that wheel is beautiful. So is everything else! But, the wheel . . .

And, buffalo cashmere silk? Just like last year, I feel like I missed so much . . . how did I miss that??

Chappy still feels offended that they allow SOME dogs, but not blogging ones like him! I don't think I'll be telling him about that frisbee-loving dog . . .


worse comes to worse, you could make mittens out of that sock kit. or gloves. fer serious.


Oh, the airport scarf is lovely!


Beer socks! I'm cracking up over here. I know people who would love those. Actually, you've just given me an idea for a Christmas present...hmm.


thanks for giving your readers photos to drool over...sigh...that wheel...that Buffalo cashmere! I am still a virgin when it comes to fiber festivals and I know I would not be safe at one, so thanks for the vicarious visit to Rhinebeck.


I feel like I am the anti-Juno.


Heh--that new collage feature, the polaroids, make it look like a series of crime scene photos. I am so dazzled by that buffalo cashmere silk...dare I ask how much it cost? There's no price on their website. It's probably just as well. Though I daresay I would put it on my wishlist (enough for a baby sweater?) and it might get me to dust off my neglected wheel again.

Bookish Wendy

I am incredibly amused by the fact that you bought a sock kit - and you don't knit socks. A true testament to the insanity that is a fiber festival.


You know, that last photo makes me feel like I'm really neglecting my boots. Bad punk, no safety pins.

Lyssa (soon to not be blogless)

moderation? i don't think that exists in reality?

too much of a good thing is wonderful!!! ;)

(beautiful wheel, by the way... maybe when i'm done with school... and work... i'll be able to spin too.. :)

great to meet you (for a minute) on sunday!


Thank you for sharing the wool liners from Morehouse with me. It was lovely to meet you in person!


Moderation is overated! Excellent acquisitions. The wheel is absolutely gorgeous. enjoy it.


oooh, she's so pretty! but the beer socks? -- highlight of my day. i can't believe i didn't see them there.


I am sorry I can't touch that buffalo cashmere silk, you're right about that. It looks like a fluffy cumulus cloud, only better.

Love the iron detail on your wheel! Antique or reproduction?


Congrats on the new wheel, it's beautiful. Cracking up over the beer socks...


Congrats on the new wheel! it's a beaut.

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