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05 August 2007



OMG Juno, I about had a heart attack seeing that green gob of cashmere, but look at it. Fabulous. Reading this post was like watching Circue du Soleil! ha ha. On another note, I see you've already discovered the Bi-O-Kleen. Clever girl.


Yikes - I'm picturing towel lint on the cashmere and cashmere lint on the towels and one happy kitty with her own towel linty ball of cashmere!


So does this mean you have invented machine washable cashmere? I want some of that!


I'm reminded of the classic Alka-Seltzer commercial. I can't... believe... you machine... washed... the whole... thing. No swatch! You a crazy lady, even by my standards.

But yeah, one way or another, you certainly gotta wash that coned stuff. You don't know where it's been. Or often you do, and that can be even worse.


A-DORE-a-ble. (The cat, I mean.)

(Oh, yeah, the yarn too.) :)


I don't know nearly as much as you do about cashmere, but you might like the Sarah's Yarns, site. I keep ogling her pages but haven't bought anything yet. And no affliation here. I learned of her because Tilli Thomas refuses to let her sell their yarn because her prices were much less expensive than Tilli wanted them to be. So, I love Sarah's Yarns, even though I've yet to buy anything from her. She has cashmere, silk and lots of Jaggerspun in, I think, 3 varieties.

I love your cashmere!


Pretty kitty with pretty yarn -- definitely worth all the hard, scary work!


Wow a new place to spend money and on cashmere! I don't think I have enough cashmere in the stash so thanks.


Yum, I love that Colourmart cashmere. I knit with the stringy stuff and then give it a gentle run through the to get the fluffiness, it changes so much after that! But what you've done here is a bit extreme. Glad it worked out okay... from green felted brain to green fluffy skein! :)

Kathy W

I'm in awe of what you accomplished. I would probably have given up or had a meltdown. Either way, it would have been tearful.


Honestly, if I'd pulled that out of the machine, I probably would have had heart failure. You're very very brave (and smart too).


I'm so glad you were able to rescue your yarn, but I still need a little lie-down after seeing the "after" picture. You should have warned us that this post was going to be graphic.


Wow. That felty picture actually made me nauseous.

Kim U

I swear, I felt faint when I saw The Post Wash Picture. Yikes. Glad it worked out!!!


Oh lawd, I feel faint. Even knowing there's a happy ending, I can scarcely make myself look at That Picture.


When I saw the semi-felted mass that came out of the washer I thought perhaps you would slice it paper thin and use it to cover a wall. Not that that would have been a bad thing, you understand.


Wow. I'm glad you're out there doing this experiment so we don't have to. Putting cashmere in the washer is a terrifying thought! (Glad it turned out fine though.)


I'm so impressed you saved that yarn. I'm pretty sure I would have given up when I saw it come out of the washer. It's beautiful!


I can't help but think that the shrinkage at this stage means more stress free washing at a later stage. there is only so much that stuff will shrink. So an easy care soft cashmere sweater is in your future. Bonus.


Wow. In that picture of the skein coming out of the wash, it looks like a solid lump of yarn - well matted/felted. I probably would've cursed myself and chucked it in the bin. I'm so impressed that you managed to actually get a usable yarn from that!


So much braver than I am. Cashmere in the washer?

Thanks for the link to Colourmart - my wallet will be most unhappy.

Tina M.

*shiver* You are so much more brave than I. I almost wept when I saw that sodden looking brain coral mass of yarn, and yet look how well it turned out! You've really given such a graphic example of how you can't judge a coned yarn by it's appearance OR feel. I knew they had oil on them and would be different, but damn...

Think I'll try me some coned yarn come Rhinebeck. :)

Oh, and perfect colors for you, earthy and subtle.


Oooohh. Not only are you braver than I, I would have executed premature closure and called it a loss.


Wow. A yarn explorer. Going where no one has gone before. I salute you!

Kathy in San Jose

Courtesy of the yarn inventory and picture session that I thought I'd do today, at this very moment in my lap, I have a 2 lb. cone of burgundy silk with maybe 3500 yards on it. It too, is pretty hard, so I think I'll try the "skeining & washing before knitting" trick to see if it softens up. Thanks for the tip!

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