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26 November 2007


Donnie Brosco

Sweet Sweater


Ta da indeed! That if fantastic, and I love the softness of the blue. Not babyish at all. It is very much the sky.


look at you all saucepot! it looks fabulous on you - love it.

julia fc

Dancing to something good, are you?
just sayin'.


Yep. Definitely the best pattern I've ever read. ;) It looks great too! :)


Great sweater! Wear it with pride (and forget about the guy).


I love the fit of this sweater. Six inches of negative ease sounds like a lot, but really this sweater looks hawt on you! I'm glad you wove in that last end. How sexy is this sweater! Wear it in good health.

Phil Boncer

Looks great on you / you look great in it.



i LOVE it. i love on YOU.
i like the way the raglans are wide apart in front . . . i am always trying to get that look and i usually fail. i keep blaming my weeny shoulders and neck, but maybe it's really my brain at fault.

hmmm, much to contemplate there.

anyway, it looks great on you.


That's gorgeous! I am completely confused by fit issues like this, too - I made a sweater with zero ease that is nowhere near as snug as it seems it should be. Regardless of how much negative ease you've left, it looks fabulous on you.

And your post title has given me a very welcome earworm. I love that song & album.


Perfect indeed (except maybe those sleeves). And what's wrong with the fit? It looks fine to me.


Great shoulders, to carry off the raglan. I'll have to go back to weights, I guess.
Although I admit to being stuck on primary attribute.


very perfect, very lovely!


I love it. I'm glad to see that someone else gets really excited about having long sleeves that are actually long enough.


Well, I'll just add my voice to the chorus. Especially with that black skirt. Absolutely fantabulous.


I think it looks great on you! I had some of that yarn in my basket last time I was at Webs, same color and everytihng. Then I put it back on the shelf. I loved it though!


Oh my god, dude - that sweater on you is HOT. Rawr.


Wow. Just wow. What a great sweater!


Hey! I remember that sweater when it was just a wee shoulder warmer! It looks great, darlin'. 6 inches of negative ease is working well for you.


It does look fantastic. (And I like the costume change in the middle. :)

Think of it as your secret weapon.


I am quite enamored of the fit on this one. Also, mmmmmmmmm......primary attribute.......mmmmmmmm.


Agh! it's supposed to read:


at the end of the previous link.


I think it looks really flattering. I love everything about it! Looks soft and cozy!


I think it looks great! Here's a really good article I found about waist shaping using four points of increases/decreases, instead of the usual side shaping. It's about crochet but the principles are the same.


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