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28 November 2007


Teresa C

Good thing you are a determined knitter and not a giver upper.


A lot of wisdom in this post. The ups and down inherent in dressing oneself, keeps the heart limber. Good writing, lady!


I haven't learned those lessons yet. The emotional cycle thing just throws me way off kilter. Still. Good for you - you're a better Cassandra than I.


Heart limber piece of piss. You really have an interesting voice. The knitting is pretty good too...even if it is reknits. Well, we've all been there - prostrate.


I'm beginning to think this is inherent in knitting. Well excpt for scarves. THEY are forgiving. Everything else...


I admire your fortitude. When I encounter that kind of thing, I generally shout indelicate words and throw the WIP into the RIP bag.


Glad I'm not the only one that does this. You know. The flinging I mean. ;) Although it's usually more often my cell phone that has dropped a call for the 80 billionth time. But I've been known to misspace a decrease or two as well and experience equal frustration.

"cable/kimono hybrid" - I'm intrigued.


Piece of piss...one of those turns of phrase I run over and over in my mind, wondering, "what DID she mean with that?" The context is sardonic, the bald statement otherwise. Margene just did a post on sweater fitting today. She didn't include advice to make the second sleeve just like the first.

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