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16 November 2007



Well done on the socks. (snerk)

Ann in Nashville

Always late but never, ever will I miss the chance to comment on shoes. I got my pair of Blundstones in 1999--I wrapped them up for Christmas and dammit gave them to myself--and I love those shoes more than any other shoes I've ever bought. I wait for the weather to cool off here and then I wear them constantly. Eight years later, they're totally bulletproof. Enjoy the many miles you'll walk in them!


Yes, that one is a very bad influence. Those boots do look comfy, although I'm not sure if they're tall enough for the usual amount of snow/slush that we get around here.


Ha! I love that sock story. And nice Blundstones too!


I've had me a pair of blunnies that still look like new 8 years later and I wear them ALOT. You will love these boots!

Handknit socks that you didn't have to knit.....priceless!

Lee Ann

I'm not even going to show you the oh-my-god-girly mukluky thingies I bought for winter. But they have treads and are warm and are made by Canadians who know better than to make a shitty boot. You totally rock the boot, though, lady.

I have always owned Docs of some kind, and used to do the Birks, but I just can't do them anymore. I look like a Flintstone kid. I'm with Rachel H.

Who is going to make a wheel, by the sounds of it...


My daughter has a 12.5 womens foot and these she could get into- literally and expressively. And the gussett looks nice and snug. Thanks for the link.


Yeah, what is it about the boots? I feel better in them. Once the temps get low enough I'm in my Celtic Sheepskins or my Børns all winter. Wear them with pants, skirts, leggings.... I always thought it was because I wore cowgirl boots growing up west/southwestern. But, maybe it's just that there is a certain feeling to boots that once you've known it you can't turn back.

Rachel H

Yep. She's dangerous, that one. As maliable as I do seem to be around her however, it'll be a cold day in hell before I own Birkies. The Blunnies I do quite like though. Bought new equipment for my lathe yesterday though, so whatever shoe budget may have existed is shot.


Actually, I love the boots and you must admit, ladies with size 12 don't have a problem losing their shoes when they are out with a bunch of women who have thrown their shoes in a pile. And the the plus, they may be coveting your shoes, but........they can't wear them.

julia fc

Welcome home, dude.


As soon as it's too cold for sandals, I switch to my Danskos (inside) and my Blunnies (everywhere else). Love 'em.


Must check these out. Handknit socks never need apologies or footnotes.


I don't understand people who wear shoes that aren't comfortable. Feet are for walking. If you can't be comfortable when you walk...uh...huh? Does not compute. I see what look like whore shoes to me, and people say they're sexy, and I just think blech! They're hideous! Your boots are way sexier! Sexy socks too!

Um, yeah, I'm a socialist, what's your point?


she's probably just still feeling the glow of winning the furnace wars.
(note to self: post furnace wars period is good time to pull a fast one, any fast one)


Ah yeah baby. My favourite shoes ever. I wonder if it is a Canadian thing (via down under of course)


Sometimes I think that one of the greatest steps we can make toward enlightenment is wearing sensible shoes.


I love wearing boots, too, and I'm not entirely sure why, either. I just walk more confidently in them, or something . . . although people will tell you that I apparently have a VERY confident walk already, so who knows what adding boots to the equation does to that. But who cares? Boots are fabulous, and yours look just great.

denny (fellow lace slut)

I got blunnies this year trimmed with shearling
I think their knock offs, but still they are way cool(warm)

If only I could get some of that Abby fleece, I could spin/knit me up some warm toes. Spicy nuts help too, or so I'm told.

Beth S.

Comfortable shoes are what smart people wear. We are the ones who will be able to escape from a burning building without twisting our ankles, should it ever come to that.

The socks are beautiful, and I'm go glad they're going to live in your sock drawer now. I predict that they will breed, too. ;-)


Oh, no, no, no... she certainly never would have worn size 12 socks and they would have just gone to waste and there are sockless children in India who would kill for those socks.

You're doing the responsible thing, rescuing them. And I'm sure there's a reduce-reuse-recycle element here somewhere.

How... Canadian.


I think that the technical term for choosing to believe you've given a present after being robbed is "retroactive gifting". Been there, done that, in both directions... :)


Be cautious. It's an ever-so-small leap from appreciation of handknit socks, to the actual knitting of said.

In fact, let's consider this scenario: It is entirely possible that the donator of those very lovely socks had an "accidental on purpose" gauge miscalculation in order to sneak your tootsies into the delight that is handknit socks.

Thus awakening deep covetuousness in your soul.

I sense genius at work ...

RE the Canadian: One could do sooo much worse than be a near-socialist in sensible shoes (and handknit socks!). I'm from the Republic of Vermont. Lots of us secretly wish Canada would just bristle up and annex us.

Tsock Tsarina

From stealing socks to knitting socks... not the great leap you might imagine. Really - just one short step, and next thing you know you won't NEED to steal socks any more because you'll have plenty of your own, lovingly (and intentionally) tailored to fit your Size 12s.

I'll turn you yet. I'm patient, and I'm strong in my faith. I'll turn you yet.


I bought a pair of the classic 500 over two years ago and they are STILL my go-to shoes. I ride horses and Blunnies are very common cause they are super comfortable and last FOREVER. Totally worth the $100 or so that you have to pay for really nice boots.

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