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18 January 2010



No poem?


This is so weird, but I was about to go make my bed. No cat-sitter or gentleman caller... I just washed my sheets. I'm the old you.


You're my hero, as always! I am inclined toward really wanting one of those "shake and made" beds as described by Lisa but then I want another blanket, and then... chore in the morning. Maybe a Spring fairy will inhabit MY subterranian agency and I'll get my wish.


I make the bed and wash the dishes. If those two chores are done, I feel that my house is clean no matter how chaotic the rest of it is. You scratch what itches.


I started making the bed in the morning, and I love it - or did, til everything went askew again. I'll keep it in mind.
And by the way, you've posted twice this month, also. Hmm.


For some reason, i started making the bed after I got laid off the first time a few years ago. Sometimes I don't, but that's usually because it is either laundry day or it is still occupied by multiple felines.


Although I am quite the psycho when it comes to house cleaning the one thing I never do is make my bed. Must be a rebellion from when I was a teenager. I came over here from Mason Dixon and I read your post, went home after work and made my bed. Also made the decision to try it everyday for a week. Already this morning I feel like I have more control in my life and it just started with something little. Thanks for the idea!


I'm completely programmed to make the bed the minute my feet hit the floor, but today, for some completely unknown reason, I didn't. Maybe i've got your mojo, and you got mine?

irretrievably broken

Thank you for the compliment--right back at you. Much appreciated.


I've been trying/meaning/resolving to go to bed at 11 and wake up at 7:30 every day for *years* and haven't managed to make it stick.

And I have something to confess... If there's nothing on TV, my hands hurt too much to knit, and I'm not already mid-book, I don't know what to *do* with myself. Besides eat.


You start making your bed and I have stopped. It's one less thing for me to worry about in the morning when I'm rushing to get out the door and it's ready for me whenever I decide to fall into it (usually when I've run myself into the ground and could barely turn down the sheets if I wanted to).

donna lee

I especially like crawling into a bed with fresh sheets. If I were rich, I'd buy enough sheets to have clean ones every day and then hire someone to wash them all at the end of the week. I know it would be a huge waste of water and time but I really love clean sheets.


Ah, yes, sideways changes. I recognize those! Good luck with that 11 o'clock bedtime...


Subterranean agency! This is my new favorite phrase. Awesome :)


I hate housekeeping but got to admit that I've started making my bed each morning and it is nice to walk into that room at the end of the day and feel there is one place in my world that is not chaos (next? make the kitchen sink sparkly at the end of every day - maybe)


It's one of the two uncluttered spaces in my house, and the larger of the two... The other is a 4 or so foot section of kitchen counter that I like to keep clean (for food prep), the dish rack also sits on it. So the bed... I've just about always made it. Not sure why. But it's not "making the bed" like I grew up with. No bedspread, certainly not tucked neatly under the pillows. Just this past month I covered the (new!) down comforter in two bedsheets that I sewed as a cover. That's it for the bed. Bottom sheet, covered comforter (no top sheet!). Wicked easy to "make"... shake it out a couple of times et voila. Also, I figured that I get twice the sheet time on the duvet... one side down for one wash of the bottom sheet, the other side down for the next.


We must be on the same wave length. I too have been consistently making my bed on a daily basis. I have to work on the getting more sleep thing more. I tend to burn the candle at both ends, though this weekend I went to bed before anyone else. :-)


High five, hon! My sideways reaction to all my newfound sleep is a greater inclination to do KenKen puzzles. This isn't really getting me anywhere. At least your damn bed is made.

BTW, I am a full-out sleep evangelist after 12 nights of full sleep. God help anybody who says to me, "You know, I'm so tired." It's like selling Amway.


Making the bed in the morning vs. making it right before you crawl into it; I think there is a Ph.D. thesis in there somewhere.


Making the bed has long been my favourite anti-entropy action. It is such an easy and satisfying way to reverse chaos even just a little bit.

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