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11 February 2011



Damn. Should NOT have clicked on that link! Love the gallery concept and the emotional connection to the yarn. So true.


I think I knit crochet and spin to rationalize my collection. Because I want it all.


Oh yes, early blog. I had no stash when I started blogging but, it grew exponentially over the years, or so it seems. Loss of family income forced me to cut back in spending, therefore in stash. Knitting from stash felt wrong, limiting, and even sad at first, because of the stories in each skein. Now the stash is, to some degree, doable and purchases are well considered. You describe our yarn/self relationship so well. I love your brain, too.


I love your brain too :)


Yarn = stories & self knowledge. It DOES. I love it.


Curse you. Now I want it, too. Robin's egg. And all the blue-greys. But at $19 a skein...not happening.


I love your brain. That is all.

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