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12 August 2012



Holy WOW. That's awesome.


Oh I'd tap *that*! Yum!


Oh. My. I'll be in my bunk.


I'd hit that :)

Lynn in Tucson

Lurvely! I did the same with a whole mess of black Baruffa Cashwool. I'm much more likely to use it now.

One of these days.

(If the color doesn't thrill you can always overdye.)


Ooh. Now THAT turned out well! I bet you could give it away now ;)


Too bad I didn't see this earlier. But then I've been trying to resist the lure of Colourmart cashmere for some time now. Perhaps resistance is futile?


I was raising my hand, too! Love the color and Colourmart cashmere is totally worth the effort. Don't be tempted to buy more and wash it after you knit - according to everything I read, to get the most cashmere-y goodness, you have to do the washing first. As you did. The knitting fates must love you - they protected you from yourself through thick and thin! :-)


Dark green with envy at the sight of so.much.cashmere.
- you could always overdye for a different shading.


I've knit with that yarn. it is truly, truly delicious. I can't wait to see what you make out of it.


Damn. I was hoping you still wouldn't like it and I could generously offer to take it off your hands. Damn.

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