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17 May 2013



One of my doctors is a gf vegetarian and it IS a challenge - but if you can still tolerate whole grains and legumes, it's doable.  
I wish it were simpler, but then I start thinking about how easy we have it from a food perspective in this century and try to let it go.  


I am considering the GF thing, mostly for my poor old joints, but wrestling with vegetarian options sometimes it seems I would also be left with nothing to eat. Why is it so hard to get decent food?


I did the more-or-less Whole30 (eliminating sugar, grain, dairy) several months ago and have barely looked back, except to say SO LONG to 40+ pounds and an array of ailments that are no more -- including chronic inflammation that was at times very painful. Not to mention scary. I love what you said about making things now that you would choose for pleasure... I think that's so important.


Tearing up over lack of food choices? I have been there many times over non-vegetarian options at usually a business event. Every time I wonder what it is about food and why this bothers me so much, since if there were vegetarian choices in a setting like that they would probably be terrible. I once paid for a banquet dinner where everyone else got steak or pork with rice and broccoli and all I got was rice and broccoli. The "chef" couldn't understand why I wasn't happy with my meal. I wished I could have walked out, but that would have disrupted the entire group.

Good luck with your gluten free choices. Develop a thick skin.


So did you read a book about following an anti-inflammatory diet - how did you find out what foods were inflammation causing? I ask because I was just tested for RA (negative, yay) but my doctor thinks I have some generic inflammation response going on in my body and has me on steroids for 30 days. Worked great at first but now climbing the stairs is starting to be painful again and I think drastic measures need to be taken - like changing my diet and lifestyle. Plus, what do I do when the 30 days are up? I don't want to go back to feeling like I'm 80 when I'm...not nearly that!


I went gluten-free (mostly) exactly a year ago for the same reason -- inflammation and pain. It really made a difference. I still make an exception for pizza, though.

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